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You Can't Do That

I went to a debate last night at Colorado State University (CSU) where my son was presenting his ideas about why college education in the USA should be funded by the taxpayers. The other "side" presented ideas on why tacking the out-of-control costs of college is more important.

What I realized that the output of the product colleges produce (educated adults) is not reflected in the price paid.

Here is what I mean. An aerospace engineering student and an elementary education student pay the same for college–about $26,000 per year in Colorado. But the starting salary for am aerospace engineer is $118,610 while the starting salary for an elementary school teacher is $60,660.

If the output of these two degrees is so different, why are these students paying the same?

Maybe in addition to reducing overall administrative costs of education, we should consider the tough questions like "why are both customers (students) paying the same price for radically different outcomes?"

What tough questions need to be asked in your organization? You know, the question that evokes the response "You Can't Do That."

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