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Turbulence is Normal

I’ve been thinking about a conversation I recently had with a marketing director for a large consulting firm. We were talking about the “post-pandemic” era and she said that the pandemic seems likely to hang around for a while. I agree.

I think the “post-pandemic” era is a mindset. There is no going back to the “old normal” and there is no “new normal” because the governments (and the virus) keep changing the rules.

The "new normal" attitude or mindset must be one of being agile (not AGILE), resilient and adaptable at all times.

As I write this, turbulence in business should be the default/expected behavior, but firms have come to expect steady growth (look at stock market since the housing crisis). Expectations that "normal" will be the norm is a sure path to destruction.

What are you doing in this time of unprecedented change to remain successful? If you are trying to simply hold on until we get back to "normal," then you are failing to take advantage of opportunities to leap ahead of your competition.

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