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Thinking About Product Synergies

Product synergies is a weakness in many of the organizations I've worked. The problem manifests itself as the product teams, typically led by a product manager, work in isolation. In this isolation, they are not sharing market and customer information, multi-use technology or even supply chain advantages.

This isolation is costing the company:

1) profitability due to higher development costs

2) revenue due to longer time-to-market development

One possible solution to this is to pause your product development efforts for a day or two and gather your PMs and your development leaders and have a facilitated meeting/workshop.

The first goal of this is to make PMs' product strategies and the technical leaders technology roadmaps public.

The second goal is to generate cross-product discussion and debate about how to reduce development cost and time by using common "parts".

If you want some ideas to dramatically improve your product strategy and commercialization , let’s talk.


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