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The Strange Case of Leaking Product Managers

The cost of product manager turnover can be crippling. It causes disruption in new product development, marketing efforts, customer contact continuity, and more. , A Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey found that 1 in 4 workers is planning to look for opportunities with a new employer once the threat of the pandemic has subsided. The number is even higher (34%) among millennials.

Can you afford to to lose your most talented product managers? They are looking and are being sought after by your competition. What are your retention plans?

Are your junior PMs ready to lead your flagship product line through this era of upheaval? Do they even want to? I recommend you have a career discussion with them to, because they may feel the only way for a promotion to senior PM is to move to your competition.

Now you've lost your leaders and your bench.

If this concerns you, even slightly, call me to discuss ways of minimizing the risk to your business.

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