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The Risks of 'Blind Innovation'

"Blind Fury," "Blind Rage," "Blinded by Love" are all negative human traits that inevitably lead to pain and sorrow.

I'd like to add one more to the list: "Blind Innovation"

Blind Innovation happens when a firm or a team starts developing products and services based solely on their hypothesis of the market needs.

Not only is this foolhardy venture myopic but it is replete with confirmation bias–aka "the fox guarding the henhouse". This creates a product looking for a market.

I've talked with several tech executives lately, and the only example we can site of successful blind innovation in the past 50 years is the Sony Walkman. The iPod was a grandchild of the Walkman and the iPhone was/is iPod+cell phone+browser. Game-changing products all of them, but iterative, not revolutionary.

Call me if you want some ideas to dramatically improve your product strategy and commercialization, and to stop the waste of blind innovation.



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