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Product Strategy & Commercialization Assessment

Updated: Aug 23

How effective is your product strategy?

To find out where your strategy approach is working and where there is room for improvement, take our quick strategy assessment. At Doug Ringer Consulting, we help organizations formulate stronger product commercialization strategies that drive substantial, profitable growth.

Simply download the document and score yourself from 1 to 4 for each of the 20 statements.

After completing the survey, simply email it to me. I will personally analyze it and provide you with the implications for your organization within two weeks.

Product Strategy & Commercialization Assessment
Download DOCX • 120KB

You can book a complimentary meeting to discuss options for dramatically improving your product strategy and commercialization in these unprecedented times.

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P.S. We are always happy to help. Here's a quick refresher on the type of work we do.

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