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Don't Get Bit – Be Aware & Prepared

I got bit by a dog last week. Nothing serious, but enough to require a visit to the doctor and a tetanus shot. The hot was/is much worse than the bite.

I was just walking and saw an off-lease German Shepherd coming at me. He was not being aggressive so I stopped and let him sniff me (he was too close for me to avoid him). Two sniffs, and then he nipped me and ran off.

I've been reflecting on what I could have done to prevent this from happening. I was prepared for an aggressive dog that is clearly going to attack.

However, I was not prepared for this situation. I did what I've done for 40+ years when confronted with this type of situation and it didn't work this time.

How does this relate to your business? It directly relates because you have insurance and crisis management plans in place for the big failures and events. That is just prudent action.

What you may not have is a plan for the small events that occur frequently and can sum to a bigger, but less visible, impact to your business. It's the boiling frog scenario.

I've dubbed it the "Nice Doggie Syndrome."

Don't let your business get "bit" by the nice doggies that nibble away at your profitability.

What are you doing in these times of unprecedented change to remain profitable? If you are trying to simply hold on until we get back to "normal," then you are failing to take advantage of opportunities to leap ahead of your competition.

If you want some ideas to dramatically improve your product strategy and commercialization, let’s talk.

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