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Case Study: Improving Revenue and Profit in Commercial Electronic Products Market

The Challenge:

A $250M engineering and manufacturing company experienced a five-year decline in the revenue and profit from its largest product line while the market grew at double-digit rates each year. The vice presidents of marketing and R&D determined the large differences between industry growth and the company’s decline indicated an opportunity to improve performance if a clearly superior product could be implemented in record time.

How We Did It:

  • Identified key product performance differentiators through interviews, observations, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

  • Assessed competitors’ positioning and technical capabilities.

  • Selected an off-shore partner willing to meet aggressive schedules.

  • Implemented an array of sales and marketing activities, including training seminars, pricing approaches, cross product line selling improvements.

  • Reduced product line complexity by 80%.

  • Coached key leaders on the new product development team.

The Results:

  • Increased revenue 17% and gross margin by 1%, despite significant shortage of product and a weak performance by company as a whole.

  • Enhanced product development effectiveness and efficiency across all departments.

  • Improved supply chain efficiency.

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