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Case Study: Improve Market Share and Reputation

The Challenge:

The largest, most profitable product line of a $150M division of a commercial electronics manufacturer suffered from a rapidly increasing decline in market share due to a lagging reputation because of product performance limitations. The project was to improve the market share and reputation and provide a long-term plan for growing and maintaining the company’s flagship, and most profitable, product line.

How We Did It:

  • Developed a comprehensive 2-year product portfolio strategy.

  • Aggressively promoted product performance enhancements as a key differentiator.

  • Identified technologies to invest in, and those to exit.

  • Dramatically improving support to customers and field sales staff.

The Results:

  • Returned product line to positive revenue growth for first time in five years.

  • Doubled product line volume.

  • Increased annual revenue 18%, with 20% per annum increase projected for another two years, with no new investment.

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