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Case Study: Decrease Product Development Cost and Time

The Challenge:

A $50M product line of a Global 500 design and manufacturing organization required a complete overhaul to maintain competitiveness, regain lost market share, and to better support corporate strategic initiatives. Due to poor performance of the entire division, there existed large differences between product line needs and the budget available for product development. Also, the product line was at risk of becoming obsolete due to rapid changes in technology, so decreasing time-to-market was also a factor in future success.

How We Did It:

  • Interviewed suppliers to determine the greatest leverage point for rapid product development at reduced cost.

  • Assessed competitor positioning.

  • Created dynamic product line strategy to support new corporate initiatives.

The Results:

  • Reduced investment by 95%.

  • Developed new product in one-third typical cycle.

  • Decreased product cost by 50%.

  • Increased sales volume by 50%.

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