Mergers & Acquisitions


When companies merge or make an acquisition, the parties involved typically expect that, upon integration, the combined energies of the firms will kick into high gear where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


The evidence shows the opposite is much more common, with disappointing or outright failure more likely than not. The deal disappoints stakeholders and investors, and the acquiring company loses market share, margins erode, or profits drop.


The research indicates that most M&As fail due to poor post-merger integration. Much of the blame can be placed on poor pre-M & A activities.


At Doug Ringer Consulting, we provide breakthrough solutions and straightforward answers to complex pre- and post-integration questions.




  • Provide a comprehensive, objective, and knowledgeable analysis of the target’s capabilities

  • Thoroughly evaluate prospective product offers for success-eroding conflict

  • Address the myriad integration aspects of M & A’s to fully realize the intended financial and strategic results of the transaction

  • Emerge stronger and uniquely positioned for growth

  • Create a new high-performing, combined culture

  • Generate technical, operational, and market synergies and deliver unprecedented results



  • Maximized financial results from the investment

  • A successfully integrated organization whose combined results are more than the sum of their separate successes

  • Increased repute in the industry, making you more attractive to top talent and investors

  • Prevent clashes of culture, the true enemy of a successful M & A, with improved structure, discipline, and transparency

  • Integrated teams and coordinated efforts reduce risk and avoid deal-eroding delays to profit


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