Dramatically Improving Performance & Profitability


Companies work with me to create incredible growth opportunities and stanch any bleeding during product commercialization. Dramatically growing their business, increasing profitability, and improving productivity, so they can compete more successfully today and tomorrow.



Kim Loy, Chief Product Officer, ACRE

Doug Ringer brings abundant knowledge and experience to his projects. Doug’s fact-based approach helped senior leaders identify critical performance gaps from both the customer's and the organization’s points of view. He also helped drive alignment across the organization around an executable action plan that addressed the noted gaps.


Doug provided sound guidance, valuable leadership, and insights for strategic business reviews, and has been a sounding board when the team was on a roll. His guidance helped shape a clear vision for our future and put us on the path to achieving those goals. I would definitely recommend him for future engagements.


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  • Increased sales and profit

  • Decreased product development cost and time

  • Dynamic product strategies

  • Improved market share and reputation

  • Reduced risk

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